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Precision Systems Osmometers were developed to diagnose disease and maintain patient health.  In addition to this, they are now routinely used to monitor and QC production processes for products from beverages to drugs (our customers include 8 out of the top 10 US BioPharma companies).  However, over the years our customers have developed many advanced applications for Precision Systems™ Osmometers. 

Here are a few examples:

A team of researchers used a model 5002 to examine the impact of different drinks on an Athlete's ability to maintain the optimum hydration level.  They used this information to formulate an advanced rehydrating drink.  Now they use an osmometer to QC the final product to ensure the formulation is followed for each and every batch.

A scientist with a national park service uses a 5002 to measure the osmometery of tree leaves.  They monitor the health of trees by determining the water content of the leaves at various times of the year.  As with humans, trees have systems to maintain the correct balance of water and nutrients, and by monitoring this balance one can see if the systems are functioning correctly.

A dairy processing plant uses the model 5006 cryoscope (and the 5002 osmometer) to monitor the quality of milk.   As a buyer of milk, a processing plant needs to know if water has been added to the milk.  Further, different breeds (and different cows on different diets) produce milk with various concentrations of nutrients.  Therefore the quality of milk varies.  By measuring the osmolality, the processing company can pay appropriately for the quality of the milk, and reject milk which has been too diluted.

A synthetic drug manufacturer uses a model 5004 osmometer to monitor the rinse process of the final product.  As the drug is manufactured, many by-products are developed.  Once the drug portion has been correctly built, the manufacturer uses a filter to capture the drug, and force the by-products out.  They rinse the drug repeatedly, and monitor the effluent to know when the drug is flushed of all by-products.

A breeder uses a Precision Systems osmometer to determine the ideal concentration at which to store and deliver animal sperm.  He uses a model 5004 to measure the osmolality and mix the formulation to the desired concentration.  Correct storage greatly increases the viability of the sperm, and therefore maximizes successful breeding. 

A major food company uses a 5002 to maintain product consistency as ingredients change.   Fruit qualities (sugar, hydration, etc.) vary, so the recipe needs to be adjusted to keep the final product tasting great.  The osmometer is used to ensure the correct moisture, which allows for a correct cooking level.

A BioPharma company creates an optimum buffer solution using a 2430 Multi osmometer.  As with much of their process, the buffer is recipe driven; The Multi is used in research to determine the concentration of the solution which works best.  Then the Multi is used to ensure the correct recipe has been mixed (QC).  The osmolality test will catch either the wrong quantities of ingredients, or the wrong ingredients, as osmolality is directly correlated with molecular weight.

An Energy company is growing an advanced biofuel using a model 5004.  The instrument is used to maintain the nutritional levels of the culture in which the biomass is growing.  By measuring the osmolality of the culture, they can determine when to add nutrients, and how fast the biomass is growing.

If you have a clever, practical, or otherwise interesting use that you are willing to share, please write to us at [email protected].