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As a leader in industrial osmometry, serving most major biopharma companies, we have been your partners for over 45 years. We offer the most complete line-up of osmometers on the market, as well as an open architecture chemistry analyzer.
The Analette is an open-system general chemistry analyzer, ideally suited to the research lab who wants to define their own tests. This unique system provides a “sandbox” to experiment with different test parameters – for those who wish to develop, optimize or run an analysis. By not locking the user into a defined chemistry set, this exclusive approach allows you to prescribe the parameters that best fit your application. The Analette allows the user complete control of sample processing, while delivering a mature, state of the art platform for general spectrophotometeric measurement.
The Micro runs 50ul samples, and sets the standard for ease of use. Place the loaded sample tube in the well and lower the head. Results will display in about a minute.
The Multi is used at major Hospitals and BioPharma companies around the world for fast automated results. The instrument self identifies standards for ultra simple calibration. And the accuracy is unmatched for a 30ul sample. All this at the lowest cost per test available on a multi-sample instrument.
The Osmette II & III set the bar for sample size, requiring only 10ul. They combine the Micro’s ease of use, with the Multi’s simple calibration. And with only two moving parts – the fan and seed mechanism – delivers superior reliability.
Osmette A and XL are the most accurate osmometers on the market. They can run use 0.2 disposable tubes, or either 2.0ml or 0.2ml re-useable. The XL is a "digitized" version of the 5002 platform, which allows for fully automated – self identifying calibration as well as an ink based printer and digital output.

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9008 ANALETTE II™ Open System Bench-Top Chemistry Analyzer
9008 ANALETTE II™ Open System Bench-Top Chemistry Analyzer
Our Price: $43,890.00

Lowest Cost of Ownership The 9008 ANALETTE II™ is a Chemistry Analyzer to meet the needs of both general and special analysis laboratories.
  • It has the combined advantages of enabling the user to choose the appropriate reagent for each assay
  • Operating at rates comparable to other analyzers at a fraction of the cost
  • Lowering the overall cost per test Flexible
  • Allows the user to choose the reagent or reagents best suited to a given assay -> Lower Cost per Test
  • Measures absorbance reactions using 30 wavelengths over 340 to 740 nm -> Covers the most common range of assays for a variety of applications
  • Minimizes interference in readings by utilizing a secondary wavelength -> Fewer wrong answers
  • Samples can be serum, urine, plasma, saliva or aqueous-based -> Useful for a variety of applications and sample types
  • Up to 140 tests per hour for one-reagent assays -> One standard patient profile in about 10 minutes
  • Up to 42 reagents OR up to 72 samples -> Fits most application requirements
  • Can interrupt a run for STAT samples -> Run important assays when needed
  • Disposable optical cuvettes -> No cleaning required
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